The Ducks have come!                                    

Congratulations to our 2009 Winners!

Newtown Lions Club


D U C K   R A C E




MAY 23, 2009 

Many Thanks to our Prize Sponsors

#                    Prize                                                                                             Winner 


1          $2,000 Cash Prize                                                                                        $2,000.00:     Susan Gibney of Sandy Hook

2a        $300 Essex House Gift Certificate                                                             $300.00          Jay Patal of Newtown

2b        $200 Ticketmaster Gift Certificate                                                              $200.00

2c        $100 American Express Gift Cheque                                                         $100.00         

3          Nintendo Wii console video game,

            with Wii Play and Remote Bundle                                                               $332.13          Anita Adzima of Southbury

4          Pool pass to Treadwell Park in Newtown, CT                                           $150.00          Bonnie Lindblad of Sandy Hook

5          One month membership at Porco's Karate Academy                              $120.00          Blank Stub

6          One month membership at Porco's Karate Academy                              $120.00          Shirley Berliner of Newtown

7          Sal e Pepe Gift Certificate                                                                           $75.00            Walt Schweikert of Newtown

8          One month membership at New Fit Gym in Newtown                               $58.00            Carol Gibson of Bethel

9          One month membership at New Fit Gym in Newtown                               $58.00            Arthur Brown of Newtown

10        Two year subscription to the Newtown Bee                                               $53.00            JoAnn Kapusta of Monroe

11        Gift certificate for The Inn at Newtown                                                         $50.00            Laura Hewitt of Sandy Hook

12        Gift basket from Lexington Gardens and gift card                                     $50.00            Cliff Smith of Sandy Hook

13        Gift Certificate for Blue Colony Diner                                                          $35.00            Bill May of Newtown

14        Gift Certificate for My Place Restaurant                                                      $25.00            Patti Garson of Newtown

15        Gift Certificate for Mona Lisa Restaurant                                                    $25.00            John Kopins of Newtown

16        Gift Certificate for Pizza Palace Restaurant                                               $25.00            Iain Baxter of Newtown

17        Gift certificate for The Villa Restaurant                                                        $25.00            Cathy Huffman of Newtown

18        Gift certificate for Firehouse Restaurant                                                     $25.00            Suzanne Paquin of Bethel

19        Gift Certificate from Stop n Shop                                                                $25.00            Kevin Alexander of Sandy Hook

20        Edmund Town Hall 10 movie pass                                                              $20.00            Margaret Kovacs of Newtown

Thanks to The Exhibitors


  1. Andrea's Bakery

  2. Canine Advocates

  3. Children's Adventure Center

  4. Democratic Town Committee

  5. The Dressing Room

  6. Golden Opportunities

  7. Inspired Revelry (Parties for Children)

  8. Kevin's Community Center

  9. Leos Club of Newtown High School

  10. Newtown Ambulance

  11. Newtown Forest Aasociation

  12. Newtown Karate Academy

  13. Newtown Lions

  14. Newtown Lyme Disease

  15. Newtown Rotary

  16. NUSAR

  17. Pootatuck Watershed Association and Trout Unlimited

  18. Relay for Life

  19. Republican Town Committee

  20. Roots for Newtown and Al's Trails

  21. Salvation Army Newtown

  22. Sandy Hook Fire Department

  23. Senior Helpers

  24. Spay and Neuter

  25. Suzy Says

  26. Visiting Nurse Association

  27. Women in Newtown (WIN)

  28. Rowanwood Farms

  29. Chris and Jack Russo's llamas

  30. Clean Energy Task Force

  31. Trinity Youth Group

  32. Colorful Creations for a Cancer Cure

  33. GM Hydrogen powered SUV

  34. Newtown Women's Club




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